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Car accessories

Sixth Sense Automart is fast making its presence count on the collective conscience of those who love cars and its accessories. It has transformed itself into the right place to come for the unique and striking car accessories. Mirror covers, Tissue Boxes, FM Transmitters, Cigarette Lighters, Reading Light, Electronic Antenna, Comfort Kit, Steering covers and rear view mirrors are some of the car accessories we dish out with a bang. Besides, we also deliver some Car care products, together with Bumper Car Protector, Car Perfumes, Wheel Covers, Car Watches, Temples, Pillows, Seat Belts, Muffler tails, Car body covers and Mobile stands.

Apart from such vast collection of car accessories, Sixth Sense Automart presents its clients with Door Protectors; parcel Trays, Side Moldings, Rear Curtains, Foot steps, Safety Guards, Bumper Guards, Side Foot Steps, Carriers and Number Plates.

Car Footmats and Floor Mats

Car Footmats or Floormats

Sixth Sense Automart presents the clients with the tough and durable year round security through its car Footmats and floor mats. Such floor mats end all the desperation of the clients by protecting them through mud, dirt or snow. This superior offering of mats is fairly comfy under-foot and good to shoes. Besides protecting carpet, they are eye-catching and effective at the same time. Pliable natural rubber is used along with intensely sculpted channels and an outer rim to resist water, sand, road salt and mud from being under the heels. For the reason of the deep ridge design, dirt goes out of the shoes and stays locked in the mat. This offers added defense for your shoes as well as your carpet.

Car Mobile and Laptop Chargers

Car Mobile, Laptop Chargers and Fog Light

In case of driving, you might feel irritated if your mobile or laptop goes out of steam and stops working. This situation could be put on hold by placing car mobile and laptop chargers. Sixth Sense Automart provides virtually all sorts of basic mobile and laptop chargers for charging a range of mobile phones and laptops. Nokia, Kyocera, Samsung, Reliance, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and other mobile chargers are being offered from us in the car mobile charger section. Highly effective and advanced laptop chargers have been presented with lots of salient features to come good on the advanced and sophisticated expectations of a vast range of clients.

Car Steering Covers

Car Steering Covers, Seat beats,
Seat Belt Cover, Side Curtains

We offer a variety of steering wheel covers for those who crave to improve the interior of their vehicle along with protecting the steering wheel. Such covers have been offered from our side in the price range you can afford. These car steering covers come in cloth, vinyl, terrycloth, sheepskin, wool and leather, and the majority of the clients go with the leather one. Superior quality of top-grain leather cover is being sold like a hot cake which is smooth and subtle. Our range of steering covers come with the ease of installation and fits perfectly on the wheel. Along with the neutral black, a fine range of colors is offered in the steering section to match the car's interior.

Car Comfort Kits (Neck Rest Pillows)

Car Comfort Kits
(Neck Rest Pillows / Car Pillows)

Sixth Sense Automart takes full care to endow its clients with maximum comfort and presents comfort kits by way of neck rest pillows. The offered neck rest pillows come handy while traveling a long way as it comprises space to fill air. Their sizes vary and the bigger sizes have also been offered to extra comfort. You canít afford to travel a longer distance by placing your head upwards as youíll be having the need to get some relieve as well. Neck rest pillows precisely dish out comfort in the course of a long drive and can be used as a head pillow for driving, TV watching pillow or supportive neck bed pillow.  

Car Body Covers

Car Body Covers

The car body covers we offer are 100% water and dust proof, and shields car paints from fading. They come with heat resistant quality for being made up of special fabric and keep interior cool. Apart from protecting the car from harmful pollution, UV rays, car body covers from our side are water repellent with double stitched seams for utmost strength. They stay off car's finish from dirt and airborne contaminants.

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