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Home & Shop Security System

Sixth Sense Automart precisely knows what security meant for those who love their family and belongings intensely. Of course, all follow the same path and want to be steer clear of any peril, related with home and shop security. We have come with a more affordable way to save you from any prospective harm. Being an authorized Zicom dealer, we present a wireless security system to fit anyone’s budget.

Home security System

Home security System / Video Door Phones

Being the leading manufacturer of world-class security systems, Zicom has designed and developed an extensive range of technologically advanced residential security systems. These wireless systems tender absolute door and window protection, motion sensor, home security yard and window signs. With such systems around, you won’t fall pray to the deeds of miscreants. The home security system of such magnitude will offer you a chance to think other than the looming danger of theft all the time.

Shop Security System

Shop Security System / Video Door Phones

Sixth Sense Automart and Zicom are set to bring back a sense of delight on the faces of those having in any business. We bring to you a wide range of technologically advanced security products that comprise video surveillance, digital recording/storage and electronic access control and full-facility alarm monitoring and intercommunication systems. These are just a few of the technology solutions that many of today's companies need if they want to reduce the changing risks they face.

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